LNBA Subgroup on Avoided Transmission


The June 7 ACR directs the LNBA Working Group to form a technical subgroup in long-term refinements to develop methodologies for non-zero location-specific transmission costs.

This technical subgroup will meet on a regular, bi-weekly occurrence for six months. The progress of this subgroup will be detailed in the Group I status report and Final LNBA WG Long-Term Refinement Report due January 7, 2018.

To join this subgroup, please email lwang@morethansmart.org


November 15 (12pm-2pm): conference call

November 17: Written proposals due

December 1: Comments on written proposals due

December 15: MTS circulates first draft of summary for final report

December 21: First round of stakeholder edits

December 29: MTS circulates second draft of summary for final report

January 4: Final round of stakeholder edits

January 8: Final report due

Submitted proposals and comments:

Meeting Materials:

November 30:

October 16:

September 29:

September 13:

August 30:

August 16:

August 2:

July 19: Kick-off call


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