California’s Distribution Resources Plan Working Group [R. 14-08-013]

 California’s Distribution Resources Plan [R. 14-08-013]


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued an Assigned Ruling on May 2nd 2016 (click here for full ruling) that established the Locational Net Benefit Analysis (LNBA) and Integrated Capacity Analysis (ICA) Working Groups to monitor and provide consultation to the Independently Owned Utilities (IOUs) on the execution of Demonstration Projects A and B as defined in the Distribution Resource Plans. This website hosts all working group materials, presentations, meeting notices and draft reports for the LNBA and ICA Working Groups.  The Working Groups are managed by the IOUs and facilitated by More Than Smart.  Ultimate Oversight of the Working Groups is provided by the CPUC Energy Division.

IOUs submitted their final Demo A and Demo B Final Reports to the CPUC in advance of the December 31st deadline:

The ICA Working Group has submitted the following reports:

The LNBA Working Group submitted the following reports:

A June 7 ACR provided scope and schedule to the continued long-term refinement activities for ICA and LNBA. More Than Smart facilitated the compilation of two scoping documents  to help the Working Group initiate long-term refinement discussions.

The ACR also set deadlines for interim status reports.

  • August 31: Group I status report (ICA, LNBA)
  • October 31: Groups II, III, IV status report

IOUs may be contacted via their respective case managers:

  • PG&E:
  • SCE:
  • SDG&E:

The Working Group met from May 2016 – March 2017 to review and make recommendations to both the short-term Demo A and Demo B projects, as well as make recommendations for long-term methodology refinement of both ICA and LNBA. The work products from those discussions are archived here: ARCHIVES

Upcoming Meetings and Deadlines:

Tuesday, September 19, 9am – 4pm (in person)

Work Products:

ICA or LNBA Topic Meeting Date Proposal Comments due: Comments:


Group I

Item 1: Planning Use Case 8/15 Joint IOUs  8/29 Joint stakeholder parties – IREC, ORA, SEIA, Vote Solar, Clean Coalition,  Stem
Item 2: Standard PV Profile 7/7 Joint IOUs 8/8 Clean Coalition
Item 5: Smart Inverters 8/15 Joint IOUs  8/29 Joint stakeholder parties – CALSEIA, Clean Coalition, IREC
Item 8: Comparative Assessment 7/7 Joint IOUs 8/8


Group I

Item 2.i: DER profiles 7/7 Joint IOUs 8/8

Item 2.ii: Multiple projects for single need

(same as Item D)

7/7 Joint IOUs 8/8

Item 2.iii: VAR profiles

(including smart inverter capabilities – Item B)


 Joint IOUs


SEIA and Tesla  (CVR)



Joint IOUs(CVR)

Item 4.i: Locational value for energy 7/7 Joint IOUs 8/8
Item 4.ii: Locational value for capacity 8/15 Joint IOUs  8/29 SEIA 
Item 4.iii: Locational value for line losses 8/15  Joint IOUs  8/29  Clean Coalition
Item 5: Subgroup of transmission avoided costs 7/7 LNBA Avoided Tx Subgroup Page


Past Meetings for Long-Term Refinement:

Friday, July 7, 9am-4pm: ICA and LNBA Working Group meeting on long term refinement (in person)

Tuesday, August 15, 9am-4pm (in person)

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